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Water feels warmer

when it's raining (2021)

Erotic comic, following the encounter of a woman and a merman (+18)


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Tinnitus (2020)

A comic short story where our protagonist tries to find out the origin of the mystical sound ringing in her ears. The answer comes from a surprising direction, but is it the truth that the protagonist would have wanted to hear?



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First page of the comic Blood red/blue

Blood red/blue (2020)

Blood R/B is a comic about experiencing sexuality during menstruation. The red pages are paired with

blue "censored" pages.

Includes nudity, blood and sexual themes.



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Poetess (2020)

Originally created for the Webtoon short story contest. Poetes is a comic that combines poetry and comics.






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How I... (2019)

An informative and humorous mini-comic about how to stretch a large watercolor paper onto its base.

Reading direction

from left to right.



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