Etiketti -21

A comic made over one weekend, as a part of the Zineton event.

Given theme  and mandatory elements:

An awkward dinner,

hometown attraction and piece of cake.

tarina - 21

A comic made for the Väinö Tanner Foundation's "Feeling of the Forest" competition.

Valkoinen valhe - 21


A wordless short comic.

It tells the story of a wife who begins to grow tired of her husband constantly being late for dinner.

Loma - 21

One page comic, about

that "dead tired summer vacation" feeling.

One page comic
One page comic
One page comic

Water feels warmer
when it's raining - 21


Wordless, erotic

short story (18+).

 Gallery contains

a censored version

of the story

Tinnitus - 20


A short story where the main character tries to find out the origin of a mystical sound ringing in her ears.

The answer comes from a surprising party, but is it the truth that our protagonist would have liked to hear?


Blood red/blue - 20

Blood R/B is a take on experiencing sexuality during menstruation. The red pages are paired with blue "censored" pages.


Inc. nudity, blood and sexual themes.


Poetess - 20

Created for the Webtoon short comic competition, Poetess combines poetry and comics. Gallery contains samples from various chapters.





How I... - 19


An informative and humorous mini-comic about how to tighten a big watercolor paper

onto its tressle.

Reading direction

from left to right.